Why Is It So Important To Welcome A Newcomer?

Being a newcomer is never an easy experience no matter what your age or what the new place is. A newcomer might be a student who is new to a school or a new worker at an office. In any of the different possible cases it is always important to welcome a newcomer. The reasons for this become obvious if you look back at your own experiences as a newcomer and think about how you felt during that time.

Why It Is Important To Welcome A New Student At A School

It is more important to be welcoming to a new student in a school more than in any other situation. Whether you are a student in the school or a teacher it is important to ensure that the new student feels welcome and comfortable for the following reasons:

  • Young people and students face a lot of emotional stress when they have to move from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar one.
  • The loss of friends from the old school will probably be a source of severe mental pressure.
  • The unfamiliar environment might make the student feel scared or unconfident.
  • Students tend to have close knit groups and the new student might find it difficult to get or feel accepted.
  • Making the student feel welcome is a great way to boost his or her confidence.
  • A newcomer can be an easy target for bullies and hence needs special attention.


Why It Is Important To Welcome New Students In A College

Every year a set of completely new students join colleges and universities all over the world. It is very important to make these people feel welcome because:

  • The change from school to college can be a big and stressful one.
  • A college or university can seem intimidating or unwelcome at first.
  • The distance from friends and family is also a big stressor.
  • The sooner the students feel welcome the sooner they can settle into the curriculum and start learning.

Why It Is Important To Welcome New People At An Office

From time to time new people join an office and whether you are a fellow employee or the boss it is important to welcome the newcomer. This is because:

  • It is important for the worker to get to know other workers well for better workplace communication and efficiency.
  • It is important for the worker to be comfortable and settle in fast so that he or she can work properly.

Different Methods Of Making A Newcomer Feel Welcome

There are different methods of making a newcomer feel welcome. You could hold an orientation programme to formally greet newcomers and inform them about the new place they have come to. Holding a party or an event is a great way to get people to mingle and for newcomers to get acquainted with the other people. You could also personally introduce the newcomer to other students and workers and thereby ensure that they feel welcome.

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